Why was I diagnosed with GENDER DYSPHORIA?


Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez


As a person born intersex, October, 2014, I desperately needed to reclaim my true gender.  It was for health, mental and spiritual reasons.  It had become life or death for me at this point.  To get help, I had to seek out a transgender doctor, because no other doctor would go against my assigned gender at birth.  Even after sharing my history of having intersex traits (what the medical world often calls a disorder of sexual development or DSD), it made no difference.  Most, where I live consider the change of one’s gender “taboo medicine”.  Let me share about the illusion of “normal” when the majority refers to my gender and compares me to this binary standard of  typical female or typical male.

To get insurance to cover my treatment, and to get a reproductive endocrinologist to help me, I was told I had to first go through…

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