Sense of Taste

Sense of taste

One of the big changes I have noticed in recent weeks is taste and appetite. My sweet tooth has gone and been replaced by savoury. However I do not have much of an appetite anymore and food is no longer a comfort thing.

It could be said this is all a great bonus as I am on a weight loss mission. The reality is I have to go with the flow a bit as I am learning my new likes and dislikes but yes the excess weight is still coming off at a steady rate.

My treat has changed from a sweet treat to a cheeseburger now and then, as I was never that keen on burgers and cheese that in itself says a lot. I still do not use fast food shops but make my own from venison.

I have to change a lot of my recipes as I am picking up on the sweetness that occurs naturally in food. Only yesterday I made pasta with a Bolognese sauce and just could not eat it as to me it tasted very sweet. Another recipe I need to experiment with to make it right.

This is one of those changes I was not expecting and it sure does not appear on any lists from the medics. I enjoy exploring cooking so it is all good fun but I can see it would be problematic for others.






6 thoughts on “Sense of Taste

  1. I think when we adopt healthier eating habits we gradually begin to savor the flavor and aromatic essence of those healthier, more natural foods that aren’t loaded with artificial ingredients and preservatives. I recall experiencing similar years ago when I quit smoking. Everything has such a remarkably new and much more appealing fragrance and taste…a reward and motivation of sorts.

    Years ago I also cut extra salt from my diet. Nearly everything has salt content right off the shelf and to add any, for me, is hateful and certainly not healthy. We also tend to cook much more at home these days and when we do eat out we pay for it one way or another. Food costs are soaring, especially meats for us at present, so we are constantly seeking reasonable alternatives without feeling starved.

    Best wishes on your weight loss…sounds like it’s going well. My wife and I both need a concerted effort to bring our weight back down. Now in our mid to upper fifties means rethinking old bad habits…and getting out to exercise a lot more.

    • Thank you Don, I think you may be right. Cutting sugar out of drinks was my big change and I think the major reason I have lost my sweet tooth or became sensitive to sweet tastes. Salt is the next big one.

      It’s good you have your wife to work with you as I find the biggest saboteurs to my life changes are those around me and they don’t do it to be unkind really.

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