One Man’s Sonnet

The Boy Poet

Inside the night this darkness surrounds me
As black as pits of hell but I am free
And I thank my gods who have made me strong
So I may walk the path into the night
Alone, without the pain of fear or fright
In this dun world I can see my way ahead
Despite the cruel words that one voice said
Of all the ways in which my life was wrong
I cry no more nor shed a worthless tear
For someone’s dream to wreathe my heart in fear
Each step I feel my pace increase its span
And when the way may seem to be too long
Then I must walk the walk and be a man
And fill my heart with a different song.

© JG Farmer 2014

Form: Rosarian Sonnet v – aabcc ddbee fbfb Registered & Protected  SGHQ-1I1A-0IDW-GX37

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