We Are Not Alone


I am often asked why I am so open about my transition, would it not be easier to go stealth.

I don’t know whether it would be easier as I haven’t done it that way. Maybe it would, but it doesn’t matter now.

For years I felt alone, isolated and afraid. It’s hard to envisage life’s potential when you believe there is nobody out there who understands your viewpoint. Through reading Chaz Bono’s story I realised there was at least another guy out there. His life was and is very different to mine but for one thing. Chaz was born in a female body just like I was.

Finding out there is another doesn’t solve much but it does bring hope. Hope that I had never dared dream of. As I am a writer I realised I could share my story through my own writing. Maybe it would reach out to someone else who needed hope. In fact I know it has from the messages I receive and that is an awesome feeling.

It is also for that reason I let a journalist into my life. I knew what it meant as I do a similar job writing other people’s lives. Not only is it inviting someone into your life it is inviting their scrutiny and some very invasive questioning. Not something I relished the idea of if I am honest, who would?

On Wednesday the article appeared in the local newspaper and already there is wonderful support from those I knew would stand behind and beside me. There was one message that truly made it worthwhile from a young trans guy who had been feeling like I did – alone, isolated and afraid. He reached out to me in email on the strength of that article.

That is why I do this so openly, so others may know they are not alone. I could say job done and drift into life, but I am not even considering doing that.




Love and light


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