Transphobic Terror

Transphobic terror


The next topic of the project is Fears of Violence and Prejudice when read as transgender.

This is a fear every transgender person has to live and deal with. No matter how much we gain equality there will always be someone who thinks they can show hate. So what is transphobia?

The short answer it is intolerance towards people who do not fit the social dictate of the gender binary.

In the UK gender is considered to be binary, that is one is born either male or female and should fit into the roles given by birth gender. So everyone born with a penis should be and fit the social equation of man and everyone born without one should be and fit the female role. That means all boys should wear blue and be aggressive and all girls should wear pink and passive.

The pressure on each of us to conform to that narrow ideology is immense. If we dare to be different society will often penalise us. That is transphobia and it is the sharper end of sexism.

As long as society conforms to the analogy that there is only two genders – male and female – and we are born to that gender and cannot change it there will be the opinion that those who conform to stereotype are somehow better than those who do not.

The transsexual person can also be faced with homophobia as intolerant people rarely equate a difference between sexual and gender identity – the two are entirely different.

Gender identity is diverse and rather fragile by nature. The reality is that men and women live very similar lives and some people identify as the gender opposite to that which they are born with. Men and women are genetically almost the same and their bodies are not so different. Transphobia is the fear and/or anger at this fragility that is gender identity.


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11 thoughts on “Transphobic Terror

  1. Every time a boy gets picked on for being a sissy or a girl gets picked on for being a tomboy it is transphobia because the child is being teased and bullied for being gender non-conforming. It is homophobia because of the fear that the child may turn out to be gay or lesbian. Transphobia and homophobia are linked at the swishy hip.

    • Yes it is to some degree linked at the swishy hip, but there is also transphobia and homophobia within the LGBT itself and there it is two separate things. The common factor is it is all an irrational fear. All humans are unique, there place on the gender spectrum is unique as is there place on the sexuality spectrum.When that fear is turned into aggression, intimidation and/or degradation then it is a serious problem.

  2. I am a TS (part-time), and been properly out and about in the real world since January 2014. In the first couple of months my “adventures” out were a bit hit and miss, some outings were amazingly successful and some were very disappointing with much staring and negativity. But I learnt lessons from the negativity as to what worked and what did not, and as a result things are generally improved, and it is only a small percentage of people who find the need to be unpleasant.

    But what I cannot fathom is why society as a whole cannot understand that there are some people who are just not happy with their birth-gender. To use a loose analogy, after a while some people get rather fed up with their job… and so why is it not understandable that some people become unhappy with their gender at some point? I didn’t choose to be born male (in the same way that no other person chooses their gender)… but, somehow, transsexuality has chosen me and I do not intend to let the bigots of the world stop me from living a fulfilled life as a woman. Doesn’t mean I am not scared to death of my employment prospects though…..

    • I have given up trying to fathom out society especially where gender binary comes into it. If someone does not like their nose they change it so what’s the difference?

      I am like you and don’t intend giving the bigots the pleasure of defeating me. I’m fully out with a nice goatee I can’t really hide it anymore and I am not going to.

      Thank you for you comment, and a pleasure to read some of your journey


      • If anyone does not like me… I have to tell myself that it is simply their problem! Everyone is different, because everyone is unique.

        I see myself on a mission in life. Firstly, to be myself and to live a fulfilling life. Secondly, I am on a mission to educate those who are naive – if even 1 in 10 of those people that initially gave me a negative look think twice, then I have achieve something. Thirdly, I go out of my way to try and help, be nice, kind and considerate to people… and maybe in return I will receive a bit more respect myself.

          • There may be bigots and naivety out there… but this journey has taught me that as much as it is about enlightened self-discovery it is equally about the people who positively shape that journey too. I may have encountered negativity, I may have been a victim of two hate crime events (one of which I reported and, as a consequence, reached out to over 700 pupils at a school with an anti-hate message), but I have equally come across many lovely people. Thank you for such a nice comment; best wishes and good luck. X

  3. Thanks for this one, Jem. Society is just so rigid and unaccepting,, I really don’t see the need to categorize as male or female – it’s what’s inside that counts! The main thing is for a person to feel comfortable to true to themselves.

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