Red Tape

Red Tape


If I ignore the NHS and TalkTalk, changing name and title has been a rather easy process. Yes, it has involved lots of form filling and ticking boxes and in one or two cases explaining why a person who is listed as female would want to use a man’s name and title. That is the process of red tape and one has to go through it anyway.

The NHS is causing me real problems. They now have six copies of my deed poll, all of which are certified and stamped to their requirement. Yes, I said six, and still they have not updated their records and insist on using my old name and using female pronouns. When I complain they tell me ‘It’s an oversight and shouldn’t have happened!’ Well perhaps if they updated their bloody records with the information they have been given six times they would not keep having these oversights. This is the NHS, the same people I am supposed to trust with my transition therapy which involves sharing some very intimate details of myself amongst other things. How can I trust them with stuff like that when they cannot even change stuff on computer records. It is a name change, it involves pressing a key or two and that is it.

As for my phone and internet provider, TalkTalk, they are seriously skating on thin ice with me.  I called them, and got put through to their call centre in India, or wherever it is, it certainly is not the UK. I explained I had changed my name and needed to change my account details – simple if I don’t they will not be able to collect funds from my bank to pay the bill. Simple, yeah right! The ignorant ass taking my call then spoke to me like I was a maggot demanding to know why I would be so stupid, yes he said stupid, as to change my name. My response was polite as I informed him I would be reporting him to his manager and TalkTalk. I then explained at least a dozen times I would not be giving him details as to the reasons for changing my name as it was none of his business. I faxed over a copy of my deed poll and then got informed ‘You done it wrong girlie you put a man’s name on your deed poll.’ Needless to say this is now in the hands of my lawyers, TalkTalk management have been informed and are grovelling as they know it could lead to a case of discrimination – damn right!

Other than these two instances it has been plain sailing with no issues at all, frankly the two issues that have come up are more than enough.


Love and light



18 thoughts on “Red Tape

    • I agree, Sir it is amusing and sad
      but the Numpties of Health make it worse
      all I have left is my sense of fun
      and the law behind me to add to the curse.

      Thank you kindly Sir for making me smile

  1. oh, I hope you get to drag TalkTalk to hell for that! And much as I love the NHS and want to see it defended, it sometimes reminds me of the BBC, sheltering such idiocy. However, they are meant to be very up on equality and diversity, so I would be inclined to name “transphobia” to their managers in writing.

    They need to get with it, it’s just not on that they can decide which group they will feel like taking seriously.

    I wonder in part if this is not one of their policy driven things about gender (which totally doesn’t get what gender is), ie paranoia about boys using the ladies bathrooms, separating the sexes. I know, it’s irrelevant, but their “reasoning” is warped. At my last place of work they scrapped the unisex, single person, disabled bathrooms (which were brilliant, as they did away with the whole gender of bathroom thing), in favour of dividing the single use bathrooms up male and female. This was in response to complaints by women that they would have to use the same bathrooms that men used. Rather than recognize the misandrous nature of the “complaint”, and tell the complainers that they were showing up their own visceral prejudices, they swung into policy knee jerk mode. The Urology department now has two female bathrooms, one unisex bathroom, no male bathrooms, and of course the baby changing areas are all in female bathrooms (because only women change nappies, dontcha know).You honestly couldn’t make this stuff up, but someone has actually planned it and implemented it, from their “understanding” of “gender issues”.

    • Oh don’t start me on the bathroom thing LMAO. For obvious reasons unisex bathrooms make my life so much easier. Ladies to Gents and vice versa I guess, is quite a changeover as you have to learn a whole new code of conduct. Women gossip in the bathroom, men don’t even make eye contact for example. Women will notice stuff, men don’t as they are not looking – not that you’d have never convinced me that was the case a few months ago but now – I just use the men’s room.

      WTF are baby changing rooms, which are often designated feeding areas, in the bloody bathrooms anyway. That is a major bug with me. Why are nursing parents and their infants treated this way?

      So if the urology dept has no men’s room I guess if you piss up on a wall they won’t mind? Of course they will and you’d be arrested – only the NHS has the ability to achieve such wondrous stupidity – it’s in a class all of its own.One of the letters misgendering me actually came from the GIC – of all the depts in the NHS they should get it right and they don’t.

        • I’m blessed or cursed with a wicked sense of humour and once the initial ugh moment passes I see it for its comic value.

          I remember the TV show Only When I laugh – based in a hospital – I think the scriptwriters now run the NHS

        • what actually happens is that everyone uses all the bathrooms all the time, and nobody stops them, but there will be confusion and discomfort for older and more old fashioned men (the majority of patients in Urology), and some will be holding off peeing while they wait for the only unisex toilet, in a department dedicated to people with urological problems. I brought this all up with the matron before I left, and nothing has changed since. But someone actually thought all this out, put in the requisitions, and got the work done to take things backwards. Just wow

          • Actually this reminds me of when I was birth-partner to a friend. In the labour suite area there was no ladies room. I needed a pee and got told there was no call for a women’s toilet as only men accompanied women to the labour suite – and visitors were not permitted to use patients facilities. So I asked for a bedpan at which point they let me use one of the patient bathrooms

  2. Well I certainly hope that these are the only two that you have to deal with. It is absolutely unnecessary, disrespectful and cruel to treat anyone this way regardless of the circumstance. I’m sorry that you are having to deal with such ignorance my friend.

    • Thanks Dom
      I was expecting some problems as it is still one of those things the ignorant feel they can comment nastily on whether they know a person or not.Equality is slow coming

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