Only the Crumbliest…


I subscribe to a journal prompt in my email as they make for good free writing kickers. However today’s question is ‘What do you like more than chocolate?’

This really made me think as just 6 months ago I would have said not a lot. I was a choccy-head to the max. My yearnings for chocolate were so bad that not having it would trigger migraines.

Since I started the T-boost vitamins however, I have lost that, not completely but I do not want chocolate very often. If I do have chocolate it is a mug of hot chocolate. The days of binging out on the stuff seem to have gone; actually even thinking about doing that makes me feel nauseous.

So I did a little research and there does seem to be some sort of link between oestrogen production and chocolate especially in women of menopausal age. Nothing scientifically proven and from what I have read it has nothing to do with the innocent cocoa bean and more to do with additives manufacturer’s pump in during the chocolate making process. Chocolate also contains anandamide which is a neurotransmitter which tells the brain to feel good. So like an antidepressant it can change the mood.

Seeing as I am getting in shape losing the taste for chocolate is a good thing. Now if I could find something to cure for my caffeine addiction I might actually re-educate my body to sleep at night. If chocolate does indeed boost oestrogen production it would explain why now I do not eat it I am feeling more male and more aware of the inner male than ever before. Side-effects of medication are not all bad it would seem.


Love and light




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