A Wild Romance?

I am transgender, a man who was born in the body of a woman. I am in transition leading to my full male potential. Part of that journey has been to research all the possible outcomes making myself aware of what can happen, what may happen and what will happen.

Quite early on in my research I read up on the relationship between testosterone therapy and sexuality. Whilst there is no scientific correlation between T therapy and sexuality there is no guarantees that say post-T my sexual feelings will be the same as they were pre-T. However there are a sizeable proportion of trans guys who do experience a change in their sexual feelings and attractions.

As a woman identifying as a lesbian I am not totally unaware of what happens in other types of relationships so part of transition is to prepare myself for what may or may not be. Human sexuality is a complex thing and in some ways just as fluid as gender can be. It can be affected by how we live and feel about ourselves. As a trans guy I am not happy in a woman’s body and that may have numbed my desire to explore my sexuality fully.

T-therapy changes body appearance such as muscular and body fat distribution, thickened vocal chords, facial and body hair and so on giving a more masculine appearance and the trans guy feels more at ease in his body and himself.

Of course whatever happens as either a gay or heterosexual man I am in a new sexual territory and there is no getting away from that. One would assume I would be hetero as I identified as a lesbian – unfortunately it is not that predictable. My sexual roots being LGB do not make either very easy to accept. Whether that is because there is a level of prejudice within the LGBT community towards the trans person I cannot say.

The key for me is my inner belief in love knowing no barriers whether it is gender or something else. That alone makes whatever may be what it should be – gay or straight it matters not!


My thanks to all that message me, your support is awesome and means the world to me


Love and light


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7 thoughts on “A Wild Romance?

  1. All we can to is be who we are, and offer respect and support.
    Any prejudice; faith, skin color, ability only offers division.
    May we be united in friendship as people. Just ‘accepting’ people.

    • If I have learned anything its is be true to self and those who are true to you will be there.

      All these barriers of prejudice need to be broken down and the only way is to be true to self and respect yourself as well as others.

  2. When I came out in 1993, I called one of my best friends who I expected to be very homophobic. He was the most supportive guy. Turns out that the best man at his wedding was now a woman. He understood. I understand.

      • Oh so very true. My best friend, and my favorite aunt & uncle, all deserted me with the ugliest comments and letters you could possibly imagine.

        Louise Hay was very important to me during my coming out. Her book, “You Can Heal Your Life,” published in 1984, is still in my library. Just looking at it reminds me every day that it is my life, no one else’s.

        The most powerful thought in the book, for me, is (loosely quoted): “You didn’t have a choice as to which family you were born into. You have a choice right now as to which family you surround yourself with.”

        I’m estranged from my monster Mormon (mom) and Catholic (dad) families except for two stepsisters, a nephew, and a niece. When the nephew was 7, I predicted that he would be gay. He’s 27 now, and openly gay. His mom & dad were my favorite aunt & uncle. He and his boyfriend came to visit me a couple of months ago, so we reconnected after 20 years!

        In the strangest places, in the strangest circumstances, life sometimes comes around for us.

        • The pulse is you reconnected with your nephew – how awesome is that!

          I am glad to say my mother has surprised me and is very supportive – I don’t suppose for one second she understands the whys etc, I don’t even understand them myself so how can anyone else.

          Family we don’t choose and we get what we are given, but that doesn’t mean we should conform to what they expect or want us to be. I love mine but for the most part I have distanced myself over the years as I really do not belong in their world and vice versa.

          Religion always seems to be a problem causer for LGBT. I was raised Christian and that has caused me more grief than anything. There I was trying to make sense of a spiritual concept that would never accept me for my real self. Since I have adopted Paganism, well it adopted me I think, I can sort these things out and make sense of me.

          Human nature seems to like judging labels which is really what is wrong – we are all the same gay or straight, trans or cis, black or white, rich or poor, and creed makes no difference either. One day the world will get that!

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