Antipasti and Lebkuchen

Antipasti and Lebkurken


The hell hole that is Birmingham city centre would not have been my first choice as a place to meet up with my mum for the first time since coming out the TG closet.  Thankfully I had my dear friend L with me. L is my companion going the opposite direction and I hers and we meet in the middle – well sort of.

It was always going to be an awkward moment but in the end all went well. Slips in pronouns did not matter even we who are TG make them all too easily. So we had an enjoyable day strolling around the German Christmas Market – it was almost possible to forget it was Birmingham. Sadly it is almost exactly halfway between me and mum – seriously one of us has to move so that changes. However finding little treasures was possible for the two ladies who love their shopping – and being a gentlemen I did not bugger off for a coffee, maybe I should have but hey someone has to carry the bags.

Lunch was Italian; we are very metro in our taste here. Italian food, German smells yes Birmingham was conveniently forgotten in a glass of wine, a piece of crunchy calamari and crazy company.

A special thank you to my two special ladies – love you both





© JG Farmer 2013


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