Thank You



Thank you Rita Kowats of Spirituality Without Borders ( for nominating me for this award. I am honoured to accept it for myself and all transgender people who may not have a voice for whatever reason. It is for them I write this blog as my first year in transition I felt so alone and it really is not the case, there are others out there. Rita’s blog has helped me accept the changes happening in my life on a spiritual level and for that I am truly grateful.

I am not sure I am going to make 15 nominees as I do not want to fall back on the blogs I read as Jem, not because they are not fantastic blogs, they most certainly are, but I am unsure some of them would want to be linked to this page so for the first time in my life I am playing safe. So my nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award are:


Summer Thunder

The Musings of a Lesbian Writer

The Adventures of a Transman

The Obamacrat


It Is What It Is

Poetic Parfait

Reading Pleasure

Black and Write

and finally, I know this guy does not accept awards but his wonderful blog is going on the list anyway A Mixed Bag



Seven things about me:

  1. I am transgender Another_Yin-Yang-Yuan_BiggerWholeButterfly_TransGender-Symbol
  2. I enjoy fishing  marketing-fishing-high-quality-and-resolution-ii-329510
  3. My favourite sport is rugby and I support Wales  20130317-182344
  4. I am a witch 1301232354448829-male_witch-3
  5. My favourite colour is blue 264982
  6. I play the guitar 13117942-classical-guitar-with-sheet-music-on-black-background
  7. I don’t drive 4665046-202449-no-car-sign



© JG Farmer 2013


15 thoughts on “Thank You

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  2. Congratulations, Jeremy. And thanks for the nomination. I’m intrigued by your n0.4. D|o you mean that you are a witch and can or do fly? Pardon me for asking but it is strange, coming from Africa to hear you say so.

    • Hi Celestine, yes I am a practicing Celtic Witch, although it is more about spiritual practice than anything else. Sorry to disappoint you but I have not learned to fly on the broomstick, I wish I could it sounds such fun, but unfortunately that comes from the realms of fantasy fiction with little basis in fact – sigh would sure be fun though just think what mischief I could get into.

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