A Future Reflection – Mayhaps!

A Future Reflection – Mayhaps!


I saw this post on Victoria Oldham’s blog – link, and thought I would answer the same questions visualizing how I see the man I will be. As I really have no idea how things will pan out I have used a bit of creative licence.

Make that a lot of creative licence!!!

Physical traits:

This bit is easy as I am already looking more like my dad. 5’5” as I am already and that will not change to any great degree.  Short dark hair, slicked back. Goatee and moustache.


I already have 4 tattoos but see myself having quite a few more marking key points of the transition. Also piercings . There will be scars inevitably from the realignment surgeries.

Goals, short term and long term:

Short term: Top surgery and T therapy so I can truly begin the RLE. It is difficult to live the reality of masculine when a DD bust is getting in the way. RLE is vital as it helps prepare the transitioning person for the way life will be.

Long Term: The point where the transition no longer dictates my life and I can get back on with writing and researching.  I am also now seeing myself in the future as fully male so lower surgery is more than likely on the cards too.

Archetype/Universal Trait:

Using Greek archetypes I think it is the Explorer. Each day I am becoming aware of an inherent need to be true to myself and discover for myself who I am. There is no shortcuts each day has to be lived so I can move forward.

How do they move through the world:

Making as little disturbance as is humanly possible. In some ways I like feeling invisible and unnoticed right now – it means I am passing! The day will come when I do not have to worry about that and it really cannot come soon enough. Being mis-gendered in public is not a pleasant experience.


Very much an old-school gentleman, in the style of Lord Peter Wimsey. Quietly intellectual hidden behind a foppish demeanour. Yeah I like that!!!

Attracted to:

Right now I keep others at a long distance through necessity. What will Jeremy find attractive, or who, well I already know the answer to that and it remains private.


Going backwards, I will not go back to the past; it is gone – she is gone!


To be who I am and not have to justify every breath and thought. I would also like to see the world change to a more ecological stable one but I will not be holding my breath on that either.


This has been quite a challenge to write so thank you for the push Victoria.


Love and light



11 thoughts on “A Future Reflection – Mayhaps!

  1. Great goals! I’m sorry to hear the the transition is dictating your life… you’ll get to a point where that happens less and less!

  2. Yay! I’m so glad someone else did it too, and shared. I’m glad you found it useful. 🙂 I found it quite challenging as well. And I think the Explorer is dead on for you, in so many ways.

    Stand tall, and be proud of who you are, in every moment and every breath along your journey. Your courage is inspiring.

    • Thank you for the push Victoria, and it was fun to do as well as more seriously giving me an opportunity to let some thoughts on the future out.

      I don’t feel particularly courageous I have to say, as I am terrified of some aspects of what is to come, mainly the great unknown and not being able to plan and schedule my life like I am used to – that proved to be problematic I didn’t realise how routine I had become so maybe a good thing

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