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After meeting with Doc M my diagnosis is that I am gender dysphoric – as we already knew of course. Unfortunately she tells me we have also hit the first hurdle of the formal transition – the National Health Authority. They have informed her that they will only recognise my name when I have completed the full realignment and been recertified as male.

To say my Doc M is furious at such blatant prejudice is a mild understatement. She is not the only one. I have done some checking with the Deed Poll Advisory Service and I do not even have to show them my deed poll to change my name with the NHA, I just have to inform them – so they have been duly informed that I am Jeremy Gwion Farmer (Mr).

Doc M is going to back me all the way if we need to take this to the ERC as it is discrimination and that is illegal in this country. Equality does not work if our national organisations are not on board and practicing equal rights.


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3 thoughts on “Jeremy’s Blog Supplementary

  1. let me count to 50 – National HEALTH Authority, more interested in authority and discrimination than health apparently :0/

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